Hej !

I'm Jayjay* and curently a Ph.D. student in machine learning at Leuphana University of Lüneburg, Germany.

This blog is mainly about random thoughts and some projects, but mainly thoughts, where I look into computational devices, algorithms, and the humans' personal deep neural network: the brain.

Follow me on a journey of thought about several inter-wired networks, their capabilities, and how to influence them. If you have comments, please don't hesitate to contact me. I am happy to hear the output of your neural network :)

This blog was inspired by an article from Gundula Bosch on nature.com, where she pointed out that many PhD programmes got too narrowed, turning students into focused specialists rather than critical thinkers. So I started this blog, 'cause I agree!

Critical thinking in very specialised topics is important, don't get me wrong. However, thinking out of the box (or as one would say in German: looking beyond the plate) makes us to creative-problem solvers.

Changing fields and faculties three times during my study, give me multiple insights into different way of working in research. Looking into

  • digital culture studies, including sociology & ethno-graphy of the digital,
  • e-business and commerce,
  • psychological topics like perception and cognition,
  • but also computer science and now machine learning

gave me in a way a quite diverse perspective.

And before you know think: This combination makes totally no sense at all! Let me point at their unique connection: Human-Computer Interaction (HCI).

We, as humans interact in on a daily bases with our surrounding, including people, nature, and likewise computational devices. However, since those technologies developed much faster than our good old stone age brain, we rely more often than we want on behavioural traits from the same brain structure ever since, transferring human based interaction and idiosyncratic gesture behaviour into HCI.

Looking into a variety of research areas, it might get quite diverse and often derive from what people expect.

But even if someone says: "It is still a long way to an ML paper", keep in mind that: "as longer the way, as more thrilling the journey"

* Jennifer J. Matthiesen, but you know how it goes: You just got to here the full extension of your name, whenever your parents got mad, right?


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